The Benefits of On Hold Marketing


Enhance Your Corporate Image

You may only have 2 members of staff, but a professional message can give the callers
the impression you have a massive operation.

Improve Customer Relationships

By letting your callers know they are being dealt with, it reassures their confidence
in your services.

Avoid Impersonal Automated Sound or ‘Silence’

Don’t let your callers think they’ve been cut off.

Cross Marketing

Need to move a lot of stock? Why not tell your callers about it while they are on hold?

Introduce New Products and Services

You tell your new customers about your new products, what about the old customers
who are calling you today?

Psychologically Reduces Hold Time

Studies prove that callers believe they are ‘on hold’ for a shorter time when listening
to a Music on Hold production.

You Don’t Get a Second Chance To Make A First Impression

If you don’t sound professional first time, will they call back?

Creates Revenue

‘On Hold’ time is dead air – fill it with advertising for your company!

Creates Revenue

When listening to a professional Music on Hold production, people are interested to hear
what is being said, reducing their perceived waiting time.