The Race for Remote Revenue

Remote Selling

Unless you have a secret recipe for hand sanitizer locked away in a cupboard, finding new revenue in this current climate isn’t easy. But, there’s a silver lining to every cloud and AudPro can help to steady your income and weather this tumultuous storm.

As the UK’s leading Music-on-hold provider, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of businesses requiring bespoke Music-on-Hold for their callers.

What is Music-on-Hold?

Well, you can always head over to our ‘How it Works’ page but in a nutshell; your customers can write whatever messages they need recording and can choose from a wide variety of different voice personas (actual humans – not robots) and backing tracks to create a bespoke on-hold message for their callers.

We do all the hard work and, within 48 hours, send over a professional-quality audio track that can be added to existing PBX or hosted telephony services. You get to enjoy a markup for every sale and your customers now have the most engaging on-hold messaging around.

Plus, with so much uncertainty and new updates seemingly on a daily basis, there’s genuine, growing and ongoing demand across all UK businesses for professionally recorded on-hold messages. What’s more our incredibly fast and straight-forward onboarding process means that you can start selling Music-on-Hold to your telephony and UC customers within a matter of days.

So, are you ready to join the race and leave your competition in the dust?

On your marks…

The first step is getting in touch with our team. Our friendly account managers are your one-stop-shop for any questions you may have on the process and can help you with tips and tricks they’ve learnt over the years to make sure your customers’ messages are recorded perfectly first time.

We’ll create your account and work with your IT team to make sure your Music-on-Hold portal works within your existing domain for a seamless customer experience, complete with your own branding.

As long as you’re happy, we can get this all sorted in one day.

Get set…

Then the question becomes ‘How do you get the word out about MoH and let your customers know?’

Well, we’ll send you our New Partner Toolkit, which contains a host of information, advice and testimonials, as well as Marketing and Sales assets that we’ve already written and designed for you. This means you can add your logos and branding into our pre-written emails and website copy to create quick marketing campaigns.

Again, we can get you set in just 24 little hours.


All you need to do now is sit back and watch the magic happen.

Your customers can create the messages they want recording on your new web-portal, which is then sent to both you and us. We’ll record the chosen voiceover artist and work with them to create the finished MP3 and WAV files, complete with the backing track of your customers’ choice, within 48 hours from order. Then, as soon as the new messaging is uploaded to your customers’ PBX or hosted voice system, all you have to do is send out an invoice. You can take as long as you want with this step, but we’d recommended sooner rather than later.

That’s it. You’ve won the race and collected your medal.

But that’s not all. You can run the race all over again when your customers need a new message; maybe at Christmas for new opening times, or when a special offer needs promoting. Not only does this keep your customers’ callers engaged year-round, but with every new message comes another revenue boost.

We’ve been running this race for years and work with an incredible network of voiceover artists, many of whom you may recognise from their previous projects with brands such as:


Adidas Amazon Audi
Barclays BBC Coca-Cola
Disney McDonald’s Mercedes Benz
Nike Playstation Samsung


So, if you’d like to boost your revenue with a service that is super-simple to sell from the comfort of a home-desk, then get in touch today and start taking advantage of 200% markups by the end of the week!

I’d be happy to help you learn more about Messaging on Hold. If you don’t offer it someone else will!


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