Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Gives you a voice

Audio Productions (AudPro) is the Channel’s leading wholesale audio marketing provider. Proud to offer a reliable solution to partners looking to maximise revenue and provide a complete service to its customer base, its professional service achieves great results and ensures customers are retained for the long-term.


Our calculator tool works in real-time to help you calculate the potential margin which is at your fingertips just using your existing pipeline. The typical mark-up per sale is around 200%, so you could be making hundreds of thousands of pounds!

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Enter a few quick details in the calculator tool to reveal your potential profit.

If you’re an existing customer, head to our calculator page to work out your potential margin.

a voice with Volume


Bespoke Toolkit

In addition to expert support and advice, every AudPro partner benefits from a toolkit containing items to help increase sales. These will range from white-labelled assets such as banners, email templates and social media posts to the key dates to keep in mind for customer outreach. We’ll also provide regular sales advice articles, to ensure you’re always up-to-date and armed to win every sale.

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Key Dates

Our calendar of key dates gives you the perfect reason to reach out to your customer base and suggest relevant content that will benefit them. Our list of upcoming dates to keep an eye on is always updated and will become one of your essential tools for ensuring repeat custom.

A voice with control

Key dates for your diary

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

1st July, 2019

A voice with power

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

The Benefits

Enhance Your Corporate Image

  • You may only have a handful of staff, but a professional message can give callers
    the impression of a much larger enterprise
  • If you don’t sound professional or miss the call first time, will they call back?

Did you know – 34% of callers who hang up will not call back

Improve Customer Relationships

  • Letting your callers know they are your very next priority reassures them and ensures confidence in your services.

Did you know – 90% will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence

Increase Revenue

  • Is a limited-time offer coming to an end? Do you need to move a lot of stock? Silence is a lost opportunity when it comes to educating your customers. Why not use the hold time to communication information about new products or services.
  • Studies prove that callers believe they are ‘on hold’ for a shorter time when listening to a Music on Hold production. Less chance of them hanging up means higher probability the call will result in a sale.

Did you know – 90% of Music on Hold marketing users say it increases Product Awareness

The Process

Offering Music on Hold to your customers couldn’t be simpler and our white label system can be branded with your logo and colours. The 3 step process below shows you how easy it is to earn a bit extra for very little effort whilst providing added value to your customers.


A voice with quality

  • Trigger your customers to order a recording using our toolkit
  • Customers access your white labelled portal to order an MOH recording
  • Activate the recording on your customers voice systems
  • Mark up the cost by 200%

Lead by example

See how Music on Hold can benefit your business and provide the perfect demonstration to prospective customers as to the many benefits of audio marketing done well.