Who needs MOH?

If you offer telephone or network solutions to your client base, the answer is you!

Industries that already benefit from MOH:

  • Social Care
  • Dental / Medical
  • Education
  • Engineering / Manufacturing
  • Insurance / Finance
  • Taxi / Transport
  • Security
  • Hospitality / Leisure
  • Real Estate
  • Legal

Why do your customers need MOH?

MOH is quickly becoming standard for small and medium businesses that want to project a professional image. Your existing customer base can be sold on the promise of extra revenue and if you make a £200 mark up each month, think what that could mean for your revenue stream!

How do your customers get MOH?

It fits right into existing PBX equipment; most have a headphone jack or screw terminal that is labelled ‘MOH’. Even if your clients don’t have the right equipment, we have adapters or can point you in the right direction in the unlikely event they do need new hardware. Once you know they have all the right technology in place, all they will need to do is visit your portal to order the recording. We do the hard work.

Where do your customers get MOH from?

We offer a White Label portal that you can brand any way you like. This way your clients find a professional web-portal with your name on it and your brand image improves; some may use the service to answer FAQ’s to help free up lines whilst other will inform callers of new products and special offers to cross sell and increase revenue.

  • Encourage your customers to order a recording using our Toolkit
  • Customers use your personal White Label portal to order recordings
  • You activate the recording on your customer’s voice system
  • Collect the earning – typically £200

A voice with power

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

The Benefits

We’ve worked in the industry for over fifteen years and we have found that any business, no matter the industry, can find extra revenue, increased customer satisfaction and/or quieter phone lines with MOH. For both customer and your business, MOH has three main benefits.

1. Professional appearance

35% of callers that hang up, don’t call back.

You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression so make the most of the one you’ve got! By using MOH, your customers, both returning and potential, are greeted with a professional message that may give them the impression that your business is larger and more successful. Callers are also more likely to wait on hold, than if presented with a hold tone or silence therefore you can keep them for longer before they decide to hang up, maximising the chance of answering every call.

2. Personal touch

After 1 minute with MOH – 81% customers thought the call was less than 1 minute

You can have a positive effect on your customer before you’ve spoken to them. If you work with frustrated customers (customer services, technical repair etc) you can get the conversation off on the best foot possible by ensuring your customer is still in a good mood when the operator answers.

Informing callers where they are in the queue or letting your customers know they will be dealt with, rather than ignored, adds a sense of personal consideration and professionalism.

3. Revenue increase

20% make a purchasing decision based on On-hold information.

You have your customer at the other end of the phone, why waste the opportunity with music? Maximise your businesses potential by using every occasion to engage with your customer and keep them thinking about you instead of a rival.

Quality Assurance

AudPro’s service allows us to have better conversations with our customers. They’re not as frustrated and more educated when we answer the phone and ask more questions too. Both customer satisfaction and revenue have increased since we started using AudPro’s MOH. Do I need to say more?


Gary Strickland-Smith

It increases the client’s business perception, gives a more professional feel, which instils confidence in their business. Increases brand awareness, allows a platform to inform of other products and services. Keeps callers happier when on hold, prevents missed calls and loss of potential opportunity. As I said, a business must!

National IT Reseller

I’ve been working with AudPro for years, both here and at my previous company and as long as we’re in business, we’ll be with AudPro. Their portal is white labelled so we can brand it ourselves and our customers really enjoy the mega-mixer online. They made us feel so welcome, set us up really quickly and they’re always there when we need them. The effort they put in, to create close relationships with clients, really sets them apart.

Mtech Communications

Martin Dunne

AudPro approached us with an idea that we were very keen to explore. Their focus on benefitting our customers gave us a real boost and helped us differentiate ourselves. They are a very friendly team who are constantly finding new ways to improve their offering and now that we have embedded their services into our ordering portal, we see ourselves working with AudPro for a very long time. They just make it easy.


Sam Giggle

We sell as a standard option already! It completes the telephony package, I think. It enhances the customers perception hugely. Love it!

iCloud Communications

David Stephenson

We sold a system to a dental practice that wanted to run a promotion on teeth whitening, they were then able to work out that they would require one additional teeth whitening appointment to be booked per month, for 12 months to fully pay for the new system.

F One Technologies

Adam Monaghan