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Our Toolkit provides you with the means to create marketing campaigns for your clients and for yourselves. Produce digital banners, email campaigns and more to keep your customers up-to-date.

Sales Advice

Does your sales team struggle to put MoH in terms that makes it irresistible for your clients? Don’t worry, because our Sales Advice toolkit contains all the facts and figures you need to be confident in presenting MoH as a solution for all businesses, no matter their speciality.


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Key Dates

Our calendar of key dates gives you the perfect reason to reach out to your customer base and suggest relevant content that will benefit them. Our list of upcoming dates to keep an eye on is always updated and will become one of your essential tools for ensuring repeat custom.

If you’d like us to notify you of key dates then we can happily keep you updated.

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31st October, 2021

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Music on Hold

The Benefits

We’ve been working for over fifteen years to provide MoH services and  have found that any business, no matter what the industry, can benefit.

Whether it’s finding new ways to increase revenue, improving customer satisfaction or creating a ‘larger-than-life’ impression, MoH can help.

  • Help your clients create an impression of a sizeable corporate business even if they are sole traders
  • Mix and match samples to find the right tone and style to fit your client’s business
  • Your clients can increase revenue by advertising to customers on hold
  • Prevent ‘hold-rage’ as customers are already in a good mood before they’ve been spoken to
  • By reducing perceived wait times, your clients’ customers are less likely to hang up
  • Reassure end users that your clients appreciate their time and prevent them from thinking they have been cut-off

Lead by example

Don’t Talk the Talk without Walking the Walk!

If you’re providing MoH services to your clients, why not take advantage of all the benefits that it provides for your own business?

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