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Customised targeting messaging.

Whether you're looking for a friendly upbeat welcome message or an authoritative announcement we can help put together the perfect Music on Hold for you. The process couldn't be easier.

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Whether you need a warm and friendly voice or someone who is more reassuring and corporate we have a wide selection of artists to choose from.


Young Fresh

About our Artists

We have a wide selection of different artists with voices to suit any business or occasion. Whether you have an upbeat announcement or a message that needs to sound authoritative or corporate, we'll have a suitable voice-over artist for you.

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Select the perfect music backing track to support your message.

Aqua Libre

Ambient piano


The Daily Routine

Soft guitar


Risen from The Flame

Dramatic strings


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We can help you write the full script to ensure you get your message across.

Welcome Message

Female - young professional


Company Offering

Male - young upbeat

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A voice with power

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

The Benefits

We’ve been working for over fifteen years to provide MOH services and have found that any business, no matter what the industry, can benefit.

Whether it’s finding new ways to increase revenue, improving customer satisfaction or creating a ‘larger-than-life’ impression, MOH can help.

  • Help your clients create an impression of a sizeable corporate business even if they are sole traders
  • Mix and match samples to find the right tone and style to fit your client’s business
  • Your clients can increase revenue by advertising to customers on hold
  • Prevent ‘hold-rage’ as customers are already in a good mood before they’ve been spoken to
  • By reducing perceived wait times, your clients’ customers are less likely to hang up
  • Reassure end users that your clients appreciate their time and prevent them from thinking they have been cut-off

Quality Assurance

AudPro’s service allows us to have better conversations with our customers. They’re not as frustrated and more educated when we answer the phone and ask more questions too. Both customer satisfaction and revenue have increased since we started using AudPro’s MOH. Do I need to say more?


Gary Strickland-Smith

It increases the client’s business perception, gives a more professional feel, which instils confidence in their business. Increases brand awareness, allows a platform to inform of other products and services. Keeps callers happier when on hold, prevents missed calls and loss of potential opportunity. As I said, a business must!

National IT Reseller

I’ve been working with AudPro for years, both here and at my previous company and as long as we’re in business, we’ll be with AudPro. Their portal is white labelled so we can brand it ourselves and our customers really enjoy the mega-mixer online. They made us feel so welcome, set us up really quickly and they’re always there when we need them. The effort they put in, to create close relationships with clients, really sets them apart.

Mtech Communications

Martin Dunne

AudPro approached us with an idea that we were very keen to explore. Their focus on benefitting our customers gave us a real boost and helped us differentiate ourselves. They are a very friendly team who are constantly finding new ways to improve their offering and now that we have embedded their services into our ordering portal, we see ourselves working with AudPro for a very long time. They just make it easy.


Sam Giggle

We sell as a standard option already! It completes the telephony package, I think. It enhances the customers perception hugely. Love it!

iCloud Communications

David Stephenson

We sold a system to a dental practice that wanted to run a promotion on teeth whitening, they were then able to work out that they would require one additional teeth whitening appointment to be booked per month, for 12 months to fully pay for the new system.

F One Technologies

Adam Monaghan

Lead by example

Don’t Talk the Talk without Walking the Walk!

If you’re providing MOH services to your clients, why not take advantage of all the benefits that it provides for your own business?