AudPro celebrates 20 years of exclusively serving the channel

It comes as no surprise that the UK’s leading Messaging on Hold provider is still going from strength to strength, as it celebrates its twentieth year of exclusively doing business with the telecoms channel.

For 20 years, Audio Productions Ltd. (AudPro) has seamlessly managed the production of bespoke, professionally recorded Auto Attendant, Sales and Marketing, as well as Voicemail Messages. Not only adding value to UK resellers’ telecoms services, but by exclusively serving resellers, AudPro’s partners can be confident of no direct supplier competition.

As the only provider in its sector with no ‘direct’ aspect of the business, AudPro truly proves that its network of over 400 partners is kept at the heart of the organisation. Focus on making the process as ‘hands-off’ for partners has been paramount since day one.

AudPro makes the onboarding process super simple and time efficient, promising reseller’s fully branded ordering portal, and access to the New Partner Toolkit complete with marketing assets for their first campaign, within a week. The ordering workflow is also incredibly hands-off for the reseller; prompting the sale and uploading the final recording, being the only requirements. All other aspects are delivered solely by AudPro, so that partners can dedicate more time to driving sales and offering the best customer support possible.

“I see AudPro’s purpose as supporting reseller growth rather than our own. Messaging on Hold is a vital service for businesses up and down the country and by owning the journey ourselves, we make sure our partners develop happy customers that can’t be easily tempted by their competitors, while easily making over £48k a year with just 100 customers.”
– Andrew Jones, Director, AudPro

Moving into the operation’s third decade, AudPro has simplified and reorganised its product and pricing to provide better cost predictions, easier sales processes to help partners drive higher revenue. It’s new long-term partnership with Pragma will also see AudPro offering even more support to some of the Channel’s biggest resellers.

Furthermore, AudPro’s range of Toolkits, include a wealth of sales and marketing support including battlecards, pre-written emails and social media, blog posts and scriptwriting advice just to name a few. For new partners with minimal resource, AudPro’s Premier Partner Toolkit provides an even more hands-off approach, with AudPro running their first marketing for them, using bespoke messaging workflows and marketing automation to optimise click rates and reader engagement.

To mark the milestone and reward their team for decades of dedication, AudPro is planning a range of events, celebrations and surprises for both staff and resellers, in the year ahead. Staff will be treated to various outings including golf courses and sunny beaches, while members of AudPro’s reseller network will soon receive gifts to thank them for their ongoing dedication to the service, marking such a major milestone for the business.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team, the strong relationships they form with our reseller partners is amazing and the dedication they show daily to support them. We’ve got the best product in the market and our partners know that. Maximising their margins through Messaging on Hold is as simple as offering it to their customers before a rival does.”
– Andrew Jones

UK Channel organisations looking to optimise their margins with the only 100% indirect provider, and offer an essential business service to customers (before their competitors do), are warmly invited to contact Andrew via email; or visit to learn more about Messaging on Hold.

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