When it comes to on-hold messaging the right portfolio partner is more important than you may think

For many resellers, offering on-hold messaging and audio marketing packages to their customers is a no-brainer. Providing an engaging experience for callers has never been more important, especially now that face-to-face meetings aren’t as popular as the used to be, so literally every business now needs it!

It’s understandable that businesses, given the challenges of today, are looking to consolidate their services and procure their IT and connectivity solutions from a single provider. For end-users it means a simpler user-experience, predictable budgeting and better support. For resellers, it’s great for margins, customer satisfaction, long-term revenue and keeping customers sticky.

However, one missing product, sub-par service or experience may cause them to look elsewhere.

And if you’re not providing your customers with high-quality on-hold music, then one of your competitors will!

Therefore, channel operations need to be continually assessing their products, taking an honest look at their portfolio, and assessing whether their portfolios are the best they possibly can be.

Don’t get blinded by technology

Contrary to popular belief, new technology isn’t the ‘be-all and end-all’ for your customers. While prospects may get excited by shiny new gadgets and ultra-fast fibre speeds, what really grabs their attention is a service that provides a genuine benefit to staff and customers.

In other words, it’s better to offer a quality product that works consistently than creating additional customer frustration by pushing expensive hi-tech solutions that don’t always suit their needs or knowledge-level.

Music on Hold is one of those consistent customer calling services. It’s been proven to reduce caller wait-time, improve caller communication, customer satisfaction and ultimately, increase revenue. But what makes AudPro’s MoH truly stand apart from the competition is its quality.

We use some of the UK’s most recognisable voiceover artists, rather than asking customers to record their own. Not to mention the robotic, computer-generated voices that remove all the personality and professionalism from a caller’s on-hold experience!

It’s important that you and your customers are comfortable managing the system yourself. So our experts won’t try to sell you an overly complicated solution, weighted with technology, when all your customers’ really need is a an MP3 of a professional , high-quality audio recording.

That’s why we offer a free on-hold message to all our partners to use on their own phone systems. That way they can see how easy the process is!

Think about the partner, not just the product

While the product your thinking of adding to your portfolio is obviously the major factor in your decision-making, the support your possible partner can provide can be just as important.

To drive sales, you need support from the people that know your products best, the vendors. The right partner should be offering sales & marketing collateral like battlecards for your sales team, pre-written campaign material to get the message out there, long-term support for large sales and product support for when things don’t go to plan.

AudPro goes a step further. We give you the flexibility to charge your customers however you think is best. Depending on your business model, customers and long-term goals, you may prefer to charge per recording, bundle into your telephony services, or even charge a subscription to maximise your recurring revenue.

Whichever strategy you prefer, is the one AudPro prefers too.

We also offer a key-date calendar that drives sales by giving your sales team a reason to get in touch with customers. Suggesting new MoH messaging – for events such as national holidays, religious celebrations, bank holidays and more – may prompt your customers to order new messages and also gives salespeople a chance to uncover any other emerging needs to capitalise on.

At the end of the day, the right partner wants mutual success. They should make selling their product as easy as possible, with the opportunity to drive new sales and increase margins so that your business can be successful, and in turn, theirs too.

If you want a quality value-add product for audio marketing, and the partner support you need to promote uptake, enhance brand credibility and maximise revenue, then get in touch!

I’d be happy to help you learn more about Messaging on Hold. If you don’t offer it someone else will!


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