Are Your Clients Back in Business?

Thanks to the PM’s update on Sunday 10th of May, many businesses will be starting their phased plans to return to trading as normal. Great news, not just for businesses but their customers too! The challenge, however, is making sure those customers know what’s going on.


While email campaigns will help organisations get the message out to a wide audience, there’s still a chance those they will be overlooked and will sink lower and lower down the inboxes of potential customers. So, the people you really need to educate are those already actively trying to start a conversation with the business.

Considering that 77% of consumers still believe that a phone call is the most effective way to get a quick answer, now is the time your clients should be shifting their focus to updating their on-hold messaging.

Music on Hold from AudPro is the perfect solution as your clients can record custom messages and let their callers know exactly what’s happening and when to set the right expectations for potential customers.


Though, one message may not cut the mustard.

With many businesses operating phased returns, some remaining closed for the time being and all with all the uncertainty in the marketplace, there will probably be another scenario in the not-too-distant future that will require another new message. Maybe ‘We’re finally back to normal’ or ‘this how we’re changing permanently’ a couple of months down the line, but whatever it is-

That won’t be the last message they will ever need either…


AudPro’s Key Dates Calendar is part of the New Partner Toolkit that’s provided for all of AudPro’s resellers and provides your sales team with all the religious, holiday and key events celebrated in the UK, that may spark up a conversation about MoH and give your customers a reason to update their on-hold messaging. Not only does this give your business a recurring revenue stream with your team calling periodically to explore the potential for extra sales, but it also increases customer satisfaction scores as your business is seen to be checking up on customers more often and considering their wellbeing far more than your competitors.

The Toolkit isn’t just a pretty calendar though. It’s got all the sales and marketing collateral and support that you will need to start your own MoH marketing campaigns, including:


  • Prewritten Landing Pages
  • Prewritten Emails
  • Tips and tricks for Sales & Marketing
  • Music on Hold Battlecard
  • Scriptwriting advice for messages
  • Social/Web Banners


48% of consumers still prefer generally contacting customer support via phone rather than email, so why would your clients want to wall-off nearly half of their customers? Now is the time for businesses to show as much care and consideration for their clients as possible and AudPro won’t only help with that but we will also find you a new, reliable and recurring revenue source at the same time.

So, what’s stopping you? Get in touch today, and let’s get you onboarded by the end of the week!



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