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The IT & Telecoms Channel has consistently provided an incredibly wide range of choice for end-user businesses. With such strong competition and a constant race to provide the most cost-effective solution, resellers are under constant pressure to maximise their margins, while still providing strong ROI.

Consider as well that the increased focus on remote working and online collaboration has pushed many resellers to market even more aggressively than ever before, and the chances of your existing customers being attracted to a competitor’s free trial has never been higher.

Therefore, Channel operators need to ensure they are consistently engaging with current users and ensuring high levels of satisfaction to counteract these new, highly attractive propositions. Music on Hold is an incredibly valuable addition to your product portfolio, not only to increase margins and support your bottom line, but to counteract these new deals and ensure your customers don’t look for connectivity solutions elsewhere.

You can get up to speed on what Music on Hold is and how it works here.

Staying in touch

Now that competition in the Channel is so high, finding reasons to touch base and engage with your customers – especially small businesses – is vital. It’s an easy way to show your appreciation for their patronage and that you’re genuinely invested in their success.

Music on Hold gives you another cause for those calls. As we approach the Christmas period, your customers’ callers may benefit from hearing opening times, changes to delivery estimates or operational procedures. Suggesting these sorts of alterations to their MoH indicates again that you’re passionate about your customers’ performance and maximising the support you offer.

Adapting to the new normal

Your end-user businesses are challenged to attract new customers in one of the most difficult economic climates in a generation. Anyone calling your customers will most likely be calling for one of two reasons – either they want to enquire about a purchase, or they have a reason to complain – and Music on Hold helps with both.

Confronted with silence, 90% of callers will hang up within 40 seconds

Now that remote working is so prevalent, the calling experience is more important than ever before with businesses needing to ensure the customer journey is still engaging for callers.

Those with complaints, are already frustrated, therefore, letting callers know that their patience is appreciated and their position in a queue are simple methods to help alleviate some frustration. Therefore, Music on Hold helps them stay on the line and reassure them that the business will address their issue.

For customers looking to make a purchase, Music on Hold could be used to educate callers about features and benefits of products to increase the chance of a sale, or even upsell premium products to maximise revenue. Either way, having silence or a ring-tone at the other end of your customers’ lines is a missed opportunity for them and one that shouldn’t be ignored during these turbulent times.

Increasing customer satisfaction

One of the other great benefits of Music on Hold is that it also reduces perceived wait times and with many businesses are still adapting to work from home practices and fewer staff, average call-wait times are likely to be increasing.

81% of callers that were put on hold for 1 minute – listening to a professionally tailored MOH production, with dynamic music and script – thought they were on hold for less than 1 minute.

Compare that to the same length of time in silence, where over half (52%) of the 10,000 caller base hung up, and over a quarter (27%) thought the wait time was over 5 minutes. The right Music on Hold experience can dramatically improve the callers’ experience while waiting for an operator.

Consider too that over 70% of calls are transferred at some point, and that percentage will have only increased over the last 6 months, as well as the amount of time on hold. Therefore, the on-hold experience is even more vital to get right than ever before.

AudPro’s broad network of professional voiceover artists and wide range of high-quality audio tracks ensure that your customers, whatever their industry or specialisms, will be able to find a tune, tone and voice that perfectly matches their branding and personality. What’s more, with 48-hour turnarounds for all Music on Hold, you can provide a reliable, responsive service that can change at the drop of a hat, when your customers need to pivot, or update their messaging.

Plus, we allow you to charge Music on Hold however you see fit, from price to whether you sell it as a single purchase or ongoing recurring revenue, meaning you have full control over how your customers pay for the service, ensuring you maximise the possible revenue.

If you want to see how much revenue you may be missing out on by not offering MoH, check out our calculator, or get in touch with our team today and we’ll happily do the maths with you!

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