Stats that prove the efficacy of Music on Hold

Music on Hold may seem like an afterthought when your sales team are more concerned about selling the margin-rich connectivity and collaboration services that every business requires.

But on-hold messaging is just as necessary if you’re account managers are going to provide customers with the rap-around services that keep your customer happy, and stop them from looking elsewhere.

And if you’re not going to provide a professional experience for their callers, you can be sure someone else will!

So, here are a few figures that will help convince your sales team (and your customers) about the efficacy of on-hold music and why it’s so important, even in today’s modern world!

Over 70% of customers get ‘extremely frustrated’ waiting on hold.

We’ll start with something obvious – no one likes being on hold – people like to be heard, rather than hearing how important their call is to a business. But there’s no way a business can realistically answer each call as soon as the phone rings.

That’s why your customers’ on-hold experience is so important! For a frustrated customer calling with a complaint, or a prospect looking for that last bit of information before making a purchase, it can make or break the coming interaction!

60% of customers prefer to call businesses on the phone

This may seem counter-intuitive considering the ever-evolving technical competence of the average caller, but there’s something more definite about a phone call. Many still perceive it as the fastest way to get a straight answer to a query.

If over half of your customers’ prospects are wanting to speak to someone, making that on-hold experience as positive, memorable and engaging as possible is key, to support their future success and growth. And the same goes for support lines and customer churn – getting those callers primed with a positive message before they air their grievances helps to maintain customer satisfaction scores and reduce customer churn.

Over half of customer care executives consider call reduction their top priority

Especially given the unexpected challenges of operating in the 2020s such as remote working, reducing the call volumes agents must deal with can be a major win.

Bespoke MoH messaging allows your customers to direct their callers to online service avenues such as chat bots and FAQs, reducing the demand on phone lines and help them enhance the level of service they can offer to each caller who needs to speak to an agent.

80% of customers say the experience a business provides is just as important as their product or service

Given the stat above, decision makers should be assessing and scrutinising the quality of their entire service journey just as much as they consider the product itself. And a positive service experience is one of the quickest ways they can reduce customer churn and optimise customer satisfaction scores.

There’s plenty your customers can do to make their on-hold experience a positive and memorable one. From telling a joke to informing callers about the history of the business and its values, your customers can use the time to make sure callers are primed, in the best possible mood, before answering the call.

90% will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence and 34% of callers who hang up will not call back

When it comes to sales, every call you don’t answer is a missed opportunity and a third of all missed calls not calling back means a lot of lost sales. Obviously, you can put processes in place to reduce the number of missed calls, but busy times can’t necessarily be planned for.

Music on Hold drastically reduces the perceived wait times for callers and also presents an opportunity to upsell premium products on your sales line. (Upsell messages on support lines, don’t go down too well though!) So, not only does MoH help keep your customers’ prospects on the line longer, but helps them increase revenue through advertising to a captured audience too!

At Aud Pro, we’ve been leading the Music on Hold market for nearly two decades. We know the stats and stories that will help convince your customers that Music on Hold is essential to provide the best service for callers and support their future growth. So, get in touch or download your factsheet for even more useful stats that will help you drive MoH sales!

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